Top 3 best budget DLP vs LCD Projector of 2018

What is dlp?what does dlp stands for?Difference between dlp vs lcd projector.

M6 DLP vs lcd projector

Today's world is getting smarter and smarter with every coming second and new technology is being introduced. So today i will tell you what is dlp & lcd technology what does dlp & lcd stands for and lastly what are the best dlp n lcd projectors to buy .

Digital Light Processing(DLP) :

Technology that uses microeletro-mechanical system which is combination of micro mirrors.This technology was develloped in 1987 by Larrt hornbeck of texas instruments.This tecnology is being used in variety of display applications like medical,industrial & security uses.The image is laid out on semiconductor chip with micro mirrors call digital micromirror device each mirror represents pixel in the image and the quantity of the mirror depends on the resolotion of the projected image.  
Now days it is being used in projectors which are primarily best for bussiness and classrooms.The best thing  about digital light processing is that deliver very sharp images, they don't need filters comes with 3d capabilities and have a better response time. 
If we compare other technologies digital light has a brilliant,clear image colorful and stunnig good contrast because the space between mirrors is less than a micron so space between pixels are greatly limited also digital light also offers deeper blacks as compare to lcd technology.
The only one  disadvantage of DLP projectors is what devotees call the "rainbow effect." DLP projector uses a transparent colored disk (chromatic wheel) which turns in front of the lamp.This disk is divided into several primary colors, reconstitutes all the final colors. These primary colors are positioned like the slices of a pie in the semiconductor chip. 


Liquid Crystal Display(LCD)

This technology is being used in computers, notebook and other smaller devices .Liquid crystal display allow much thinner displays then (crd) technology.The best thing about lcds is less power consumption then led and gas displays because there main principle is to block light rather than emitting it.

LCD technology has many advantages .It can be bright enough even in brightly lit place produces lower electric and electromagnetic fields, completely flat screen and at the native resolotion the image is perfectly sharp.

P1 Plus Projector BuyNow

Dlp P1 plus Projector

This mini dlp home projector has many features to choose from . It has the capibility of projecting high quality images and video projection 1080p hd image and size up to 70'' inches with aspect ratio of 4:3/16:9. It has builtin  3.7V , 940 mah. battery which can last up to 40 minutes .It can be charge while using it .  It comes also with builtin speaker which is enough for tiny device, micro sd card slot and 3.5mm jack.The cool thing about this moni monster is One can carry along in his pocket or in a bag .BuyNow

M6 DLP Projector  BUY NOW

m6 dlp projector

 This tiny projector projects through digital light and project images and videos up to 120 inches although recmended size is 80 inches, contract radio of 2001:1-3001:1 and optical resolotion 854*480 dpi Brightness 300ANSI Lumens bulb power 55W.It has builtin android system quad core CORTEX A 7 Chip set Wifi and bluetooth.Comes in three different storage option 8GB(M6 Model),16GB (M6 Plus)and 32GB (M6s)respectivly.

This tiny device has weight about .2KG and can be easily carry along in a bag or pocket used for small bars kity parties dance clubs etc...

It has builtin 5000 mah, battery which is enough for 1 full movie viewing without any other energy source .

Comes with many input options to choose from like mini sd card slot, USB ports power jack 3.5mm headphone and HDMI output. BUY NOW

 YG300 Mini LED Projector BUY NOW

If you are looking for a mobile theater then this traditional projector is inconvenient for you because this has many features that can full fill your craving of home cinema because it has large size. So we deliver this premium, high-quality, portable projector to you.
This stunning LCD projector can be used everywhere, in the meeting, camping or at home. It has the endless possibilities.
With its vast array of connectivity options,it can be conneted with usb,hdmi ,mini sd card slot to connect with laptops,tv boxes & more  and comes with 3.5mm headphone jack and with its protabilty it is always there for you.
Keep it in your hand, watch your favorite videos on the go.
- 400 - 600 lumens with 800:1 contrast ratio, considerably razor-sharp images and videos it comes With high native resolution for clear and bright images, also provide exceptional display quality.

LED lamp life can provide you over 30000 hours of life.
Infrared remote control lets you enjoy your wonderful life which the wireless brings to you
Projection distance is about : 1.8m. 

Model: YG-300
Display type: LCD
Native Resolution: 320 x 240
Resolution Support: 1920 x 1080
Brightness: 400 - 600 Lumens
Contrast Ratio: 800:1
Throw Ration: 1.4:1
Projection Distance: 1.2 - 3m
Image Size: 20 - 80 inch

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