How does fitbit work ,what is fitbit pay ,what banks currently supports it on the go?

fitbit fitbit work how does fitbit work

how does fitbit work

How does fitbit work ,what is fitbit pay ,what banks currently supports it on the go?

Use your stunning Ionic to cash out at most stores
But just make sure what cards & banks supports it
We all know that fitbit make fitness trackers .Now they have introduced fully operated smartwatch that also can be used to make payment on the go while you are on the run and can hop into a shop to buy energy drink or water with out carry your wallet or bulky mobile phones.  

What is apple fitbit pay or google pay?

        Fitbit pay is basically a system that apple just launched in its new watches name IONIC and VERSA.In a nut shell its a payment system which has NFC installed and can work with all type of payment readers so you can pay for thing write from you wrist with ease.

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Here's FITBIT claims about its IONIC'S  NFC chip.

      "Now you have the option to Leave your wallet and phone at home  pay for shopping right from your wrist seamlessly with ease from this device, wherever contactless payments are accepted. Its Powerful built-in NFC chip opens new horizons of  opportunity to develop apps that provide keyless and cardless access to buildings, hotels, sporting venues, and transportation in the future."

Banks that currently supports FITBIT pay

Click here for full list of bank's that supports FitBit Site here 

fitbit pay

 How does fitbit app/fitbit pay will work?  

So simple just add your supported card details into your fitbit app(you have option for both credit as well as debit card) then go to the store where you want to pay for items long press the left side button and hold your watch next to  the contact less reader .so simple is it.

Now one thing to note here is although you are using master card, american express or debit card if your bank is not sported you won't be able to connect your card.

If your banks are supported then your details will be verified before connecting to the IONIC or VERSA watch.The process is simple and does't take long tough.

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