Top Gadget Gifts for clever Gadgets Lovers

The Top 5 awesome gadgets for everyone on your shopping list.

 These handy gadgets will keep them entertained guaranteed.  

No matter someone's interests or hobbies, shiny tech gadgets exist in the world that will help them experience it better. To make your choice little easier we have rounded up top 5 gadgets gifts, whether you're hunting down a present for the holidays, birthday, just because. or you may even want to hold on to some of these clever gifts for yourself.


For Selfie Lover's

Selfie Light 


Gadgets Gifts

Get flawless lighting in every shot with this Selfie Light.

Holds on to the top of any phone, tablet or laptop and shines bright with it's LED lighting.

Optimize every style with 3 different brightness levels!

Comes with a USB charger so no need to replace batteries! Charges in one and a half hours and lasts about 2-5 hours (depending on brightness level) of glorious selfie lighting.

Get the perfect portable selfie lighting, anywhere, anytime!


For people who need more Memory


Clever GadgetsUltralight 64GB USB 2.0 Memory Stick for iPhone and iPad.

Independent U Disk storage. You can easily store and transfer data between iPhone / iPad and PC / MacBook without the need of iTunes.


For Who Run out of Mobile Battery

Portable Charging System For All(1 Set)


 Portable Charging System For All(1 Set)

The portable charging system is perfect for the person who never has enough battery life on their phone! It’s designed to charge your phone without being bogged down by endless cords and power banks. When you need to charge your device, simply take one of the chargers off the base and snap it on!

  • The charging packs are completely waterproof!
  • The charging station can charge four packs simultaneously, and you can use it to charge your phone, too!
  • Each charging pack is the size of a USB drive. It's so small you can put it right back in your pocket, or use it while it's charging.
  • Each charging pack provides your phone with enough power for 1 hour of gaming, 2 hours of video watching, 2 hours of internet browsing, and even 4 hours of talk time.


For people who taking pictures 

iPhone Android  smartphone  lens kit 3 in 1


Futuregadget 3 in 1 clip-on smartphone lens
Compatible with 90% of mobile phones, simply clip to your smartphone rear (or front) camera, you can take high-quality pictures without a heavy camera at any time to make your trip colorful.

Wide angle lens
Super wide-angle lens 0.65 times to explore the magical macro world, the photo has a strong artistic appeal; You can shoot a wide range of scenery, such as the larger crowd, architecture, and landscape, making the picture more clear.

Fisheye lens

160°fisheye lens to experience the fantastic fish-eye world of images, the photo has a shocking attraction and sense of space.

Widely used in entertainment, museum, Schools and other institutions of publicity and display projects.

Macro lens
20X zoom and focused to 15-25mm distance to take pictures, for photographers to carry out close-up photography and general photography provides a convenient, ideal for shooting small objects worthwhile, such as insects, flowers, stamps and so on.


For Music Lovers

Wireless Transmitter Receiver Stereo Audio Music Adapter



This product is packed to receive and launch, two in one Bluetooth device.
The stunning yet elegant product is simple, which is able to launch and receiver freely.
Through Bluetooth reception mode, you can send the phone music to the traditional home audio equipment.
It is more convenient to send TV, CD player, MP3 or other sources to the Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth headset through the product Bluetooth launch mode.
With its low latency technology, supports the sound of real-time transmission of online games, television & movies.
It has Built-in long life rechargeable battery

It solves the imitations of audio equipment perfectly and extends a variety of audio equipment transfer function
Fast connection more stable sound.

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