Air Humidifier Essential Oil Diffuser Aroma Lamp

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Aromatherapy Essential Oil air diffuser humidifier

has three wood-grain finishes, this stunning essential oil diffuser has a more earthy look to it. It comes with a capacity of 400 ml tank,this diffuser is great for large rooms,This humidifier is so compact & thanks to its detachable cord you can easily move it around in the house, or even from home to office.Just to make you aware of this is air diffuser and a humidifier at the same time, so it’ll require water and attention to the levels indicated inside the device. However, the simplicity of the design makes it safe and extremely easy to clean between practices. It’s cost-effective,Light weight & citrus friendly, and the water makes it safe to have in the room with small children and animals as long as you choose a kid-friendly essential oil blend! 



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