Virginal Menstrual Cup Silicon

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WHY Menstrual CUP?

 Because The Menstrual cup is…


Made from soft, medical-grade silicon. it’s so comfortable you can’t feel it’s there.  While tampons absorb 36% vaginal moisture, the futuregadget's menstrual cup won’t dry you out or leave fibres behind.


Your futuregadget's menstrual cup is always there, ready. No last minute dash to the shops, no stockpiling different absorbency pads or tampons. The futuregadget's menstrual cup frees you from having to throw away used products or carry bulky spares (whether smuggled up your sleeve as you head to the toilet or taking up backpack space on your travels).


Holding 3 x more than a regular tampon, the futuregadget's menstrual cup gives you longer lasting protection on heavier days. And because it’s non-absorbent, it won’t cause dryness when your period’s light.


You only need one futuregadget's menstrual cup that pays for itself after 3-6 months – you’re then saving that monthly spend on sanitary protection.


Latex-freehypoallergenic and containing no dyes, perfumes, BPA, phthalates, plastic, bleaches or toxins, the futuregadget's menstrual cup is ideal if you have sensitive skin or allergies.